Tuesday, March 28, 2017


            Ethics is the court 
                   Deed is the ball –
                 Humans play the game – 
                           ...And the World wins.

* Let's make ETHICS the "coolest""hottest" word in NYC!
    * Let’s make DEED the fairest and funnest team sport 
       in the field of Life!
            * Let’s engage and nourish the HUMANITARIAN 
               within each human!

Through Speed Deed:
     DEED is at the core of programs offered by Ethical Culture –
     DEED, as the courageous action taken
               to express care, to enact change,
                     to grow ethically,
                           to become empowered World citizens.

Through doing deeds together, people gain trust in their larger humanity. Working together in this way, people of all ages can safely foster a deepening curiosity and inquiry about one another, bridging essential gaps that are often created among peers through stereotyping and “othering.”

DEED is the ethically engaging medium by which we will foster both internal and interpersonal growth, nurturing the roots of compassion.  Caring about Humanity, Life, and the Earth can bring people beyond divisive differences into a space of shared concerns. By acting effectively on those concerns, people can bring out the best in one another, thereby developing the very best in themselves. Discovering deep rooted often invisible common values can transform how we see other people, relate to them, embrace them. Inspiring values that diverse people hold in common can usher them to explore new friendships and alliances beyond first impressions, stereotypes and perceived individual differences.

In a SPEED DEED, event several deed leaders present compelling causes and invite the community into an on-the-spot doable action/deed for participants to do. If you have ideas of doable deeds for community members to collaborate on together, in a festival like environment, give a shout!  Write to EthicsForChildren@NYSEC.org

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